Once upon a time there lived people like Vova and Hanna in a world where a monster called «banality» took away the most valuable thing from people — their creativity. People all over the world came together to resist the monster and create new unusual things ... But was not so simple, because other people resisted changes because of fear. And one day Vova and Hanna decided to gather together people who were not afraid to create, are not afraid to look at things from completely different angle, people who live for the sake of creating. And in search of new accomplishments, the team of those who desperately fight the «monster» is ready for new adventures ;)


Dmitry Zub

«Some interesting phrase about something»


Rostyslav Makienko

«When you are the first in your year ...»

account manager

Kateryna Futruk

«Some interesting phrase about something»

creative director

Volodymyr Dombrovsky

«A woman is like beer, no need to rush»

Senior designer

Hanna Sinkevych

«Don't burden me in the morning»


Kateryna Yemchyk

«I need fresh eyes ... do you have a couple? :)»

senior developer

Yegor Shtonda

«The latest edits, I promise»


Oleg Kovalenko

«People, laziness, progress ...»